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Awards and Press

Bite Belts Recognition

Since its start in May 2023, Bite Belt has been in the seed funding stage, aiming for full investment by year's end. Noteworthy achievements include completing engineering, prototyping, and securing patents. Market validation has been through pre-orders, intent to purchase from tackle shops, and national recognition for its business plan. Bite Belt's successes include receiving the highest seed funding from FGCU's Runway Program, being a Top 10 finalist among 378 companies at the CEO Global Pitch Competition, first place at the Davler Pitch Competition. Additionally, it attained second place at the esteemed Reef Governors Cup Startup Competition. The company has received media coverage from various news stations in Southwest Florida as well as Florida Gulf University.

Bite Belt was awarded an additional $19,000 through the FGCU Runway Program in May 2024


$50,000 Raised to date

Bite Belt is aiming for full scale production in September 2024!

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